Ikea Watch: Bargain Wooden Balls

Wooden balls 3″ = .75 4″=.90 and 5″=.90. Discounts for purchasing more than 10.

“Joddla” Wooden balls.
70mm painted white balls with floral pattern 99p (instore price, reduced from £1.99). and they’re great for learning palmspinning -slightly lighter than acrylic with slightly higher friction, Combine these with a copy of Multiball Contact, and you’ve got a beginners Multiball kit and change from a £20 note. Unbelievable.

Ikea Again
10cm Joddla wooden balls £1.59. Instore price. left.
13cm Joddla £1.99. Lovely for bodyrolling. I have the painted black ball, with a floral pattern carved into it.

Ikea also supply, ball bags, boxes and ball stands – if you look carefully! For the manipulator who needs to accessories with style.
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