Bargain Acrylic Balls Shopping Bonanza

There are some sales going on in America at the moment where you could scoop some real bargains on acrylic balls.
And with the dollar being so devalued at the moment (lowest price for 26 years!), you might want to consider it for purchases shipped to other countries too.

So here we line up the bargains of the week:
Neon husky have a pre-burning man sale, 10% off everything!
Neon husky are now giving grades to all the acrylics that they sell, scoring them for colour and clarity. A very good thing, we wish more suppliers would do this.

For $75 they’ll do you, 1 copy of Multiball Contact book and 4 2.75″ acrylic balls and with the 10% off sale at the moment, so actually $68.50 plus shipping. for another $14 those balls go up to 3″. That’s a bargain. In the uk, the price for those 4 balls and 1 book is over £95 that’s $190USD.

Neon Husky have got some second quality acrylics, either 70 mm or 2.75″ at $12 per ball that’s only $48 dollars for a set of 4 acrylics!. OMG thats cheap. Wooden balls are good for learning, but acrylics are better, and at this cheap price…

Dr Bob’s magic shop is having an acrylic ball and “acrylic resin blend” ball sale. I don’t know the quality, as I’ve never seen them, but there are some real bargain to be grabbed here. $8 for a 3 1/4″ acrylic resin ball, so what if it’s cloudy, its a great practice ball. thanks to Shane on for the link.

One more Bargain- After a quick shopping expedition, MoM can report that Ikea supply a range of amazing ball bags, boxes and ball stands – for the CJer who needs to accessories with style.

Now, has anyone got any other special offers for CJ? please add them below.

3 thoughts on “Bargain Acrylic Balls Shopping Bonanza”

  1. thanks for the heads up 🙂

    however the site seems to only accept US based Visa cards (because of the security codes) – did you guys get any shipped the UK?


  2. oh sorry drew, it was on neonhusky (*slaps self to wake up) –

    however i have some good news, i emailed info and jim replied pretty quickly with an alternative where i can pay with paypal so good service from them i must say 🙂

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