Ball on the head – iMark in Berlin

iMark is one of the administrators at and he is generally a pretty awesome dude (he sent me and several other dotorg members a nice shiny 100mm acrylic. Thanks iMark. I made him a 2 Dots video as a thank you.

Anyways… i really liked this clip of him that was put together by Elsie.

He really does walk around like this all day. Really.

2 thoughts on “Ball on the head – iMark in Berlin”

  1. Much as I’m enjoying basking in the contact juggling love, I have to direct virtually all credit for this video to dear Elsie who conceived, filmed and edited it so beautifully.

    I’m just grateful for having been a part of it.

  2. this guy is amazing 🙂 and im not surprised he walks all day that way; jugglers will know.

    i vemade sme videos as well PLease check the the you tube site, i will gently take any advices and commentS:)

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