Bags of Poop 1.0 – Steve Twobags

Poi + Hoop = poi-style hooping Poop 😀
Fellow Bristolian and all round encyclopedia of miscellaneous manipulations Mr Bags sent us though his latest explorations with hoops.
Some idea’s for hoopers that are well worth a look.
Edited with Cinelerra on Ubuntu – open source rules! (Most of MoM are on Ubuntu).

4 thoughts on “Bags of Poop 1.0 – Steve Twobags”

  1. “Edited with Cinelerra on Ubuntu – open source rules! (Most of MoM are on Ubuntu).” – Cool

    “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is no longer available in your country.” – Not cool.

  2. @Luke

    You are so right. Would like to see more videos with Creative Commons music or upload them all at plz

  3. Hey there Luke,
    Sorry it wouldn’t play for you. I’ve not uploaded anything to YouTube before and I was under the impression that YouTube would just put the song info at the bottom of the vid so you could buy it and that would be that – record companies get free advertising and we get to use their music. Unfortunately it seems that it won’t play in Germany – presumably that’s where you are? Are you close to the border at all? Could you nip across and find an internet cafe?

  4. Right. Unlikely as this is: if you happen to be reading these comments, want to watch my video and are not able to because of copyright laws in your country (which I think only applies to Germany) then here is a link to it on It doesn’t seem to work quite as well but you get the general idea.

    This is not for the benefit of sarky upstarts but is for anyone else.

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