What happens if you drop a Fushigi Ball?

YouTube – What happens if you drop a Fushigi Ball?.

As many of our readers are aware, the contact juggling community is currently under attack by a very agressive marketing company who is trying to rebrand contact juggling as “Fushigi.” The company has created a wave of confusion in the US surrounding contact techniques, implying the the ball will float by itself and that the activity is suitable for children.

The fantastic and lovely Dawn has made a series of info-videos aimed at explaining some of the ‘truths’ about contact juggling that Fushigi is neglecting to mention. Her videos are fun, friendly & non-agressive, but they still hit their mark when it comes to undoing some of the lies that Fushigi is telling. Plus, they reveal some serious defects in the design and manufacturing of the Fushigi Brand contact juggling balls.

Other videos in the series:

How is a Fushigi Ball like an Orange?

Fushigi Ball review – FAIL!

Dawn is working on a new one: What kind of ball is best for learning contact juggling? (with a special guest appearance from Drew!)

New MoM Contributor: Wes Peden

www.MinistryofManipulation.com welcomes new guest blogger Wes Peden.

Anyone who has been watching this blog for a while knows that we talk a lot about him. And lately he has been emailing us suggesting things for the blog (and creating some brilliant stuff himself!),  so we’ve given him a set of keys and now he can come and go as he pleases.  So just sit back and wait for the awesome, everybody. Wes Peden is here.

New Feature: Related Posts


Browsing circus videos at the Ministry of Manipulation just got even more addictive.

We’ve installed a ‘related videos’ plugin to help you discover some of the past content that has been featured on our site. Click the post title, and just above the comments for each video our super-intelligent MinistryofManipulation.com robots (from Japan!) have prepared suggestions for past videos that are just as awesome as the one’s you’ll find on the front page of our site.

Every new video leads to MORE awesome videos you may not have seen yet. Check it out! (and let us know what you think in the comments)

New MoM Contributor: Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson can roll a ball from his foot to his head like nobody’s business. He has a great eye for juggling and manipulation videos too, and so he is joining our crew here at M.o.M. and will be contributing videos alongside myself, Drew, Ed, Moon and MCP.

Kyle can also hold 9 balls up for an impressively long time… which makes us all feel a little insecure.

Welcome Kyle! glad you could join us!

Kyle Johnson: Previously on MoM

Speedlinks – 16/04/09

We used to have a “suggest a link” page – Put if fell off the site in one of the updates last year, – So we’ve put it back (under manipulation links). Meantime some people have e-mailed us links, thank you. We’re having a tidy up and posting a few:
* 4 person interactive poi spinning… – link from Splinter on .org thanks.
* Porte à Porte – combines Cigar boxes with digital Manipulation – Thanks to Pich for the Link.
* Nata Galkina. Foot Juggling. Antipoden. ??????? – thanks to Marco Paoletti for the link.
* Nata Galkina (Feet-Füße-????) Unusual love story. – Also sent by Marco.
Mr. Boul Juggling – Some contact, some Baffoonery in a big ball.

You could be forgiven for not knowing that the Ministry just had one of its biggest, and most successful events, a week long workshop in the Katakomb, Berlin. as there has been no write up on here. Some news leaking out on .org. Hopefully if we drop a few hints, Ed will post a longer write up about it.

1 day to EJC2008

We’re packing our bags, making our last preparations for the European Juggling Convention 2008.

The prediction is 4000-5000 Jugglers and manipulators – potentially the biggest EJC ever, and it’s organised by Germans, who thankfully have the national stereotype for being excellent at organising things.

Drew, Jeanine, Moon, Colin and everyone* on the planet will be there. Except Ryan and Dawn – who are still moving with the Cross Canada Contact Juggling Project and poor Ed who will be manning Ministry HQ, ready to leap into action and save the world if anyone anywhere has an isolation emergency.

In the meantime, enjoy the ongoing guest blogging by MCP to keep you entertained. (She will be at EJC too, but will post by the marvel of the “scheduled post function” of wordpress).

There are rumors that teh Internetz will be present at EJC, so will try to get you some news updates next week and big photo albums online soon after.

*Everyone who juggles, manipulates, contact juggles or wiggles.

Ministry Workshop – Canada 2008

Ministry Canada
For the full series and a description of the workshop, click HERE
To Register, email: contactworkshops@gmail.com

In our efforts to spread creative contact juggling techniques, The Ministry is sending Ryan and Daydream across Canada to teach an all-levels official contact juggling workshop in 5 parts: History, Butterflies and Curves, Multiball, Isolations and Lines, and a Show and Tell at the end. The workshops were held in the following Canadian cities. Click for the completed series links.

Vancouver, British Columbia (July 13th)
Victoria, British Columbia (July 15th)
Nelson, British Columbia (July 19th)
Calgary, Alberta (July 22nd)
Edmonton, Alberta (July 26th)
Regina, Saskatchewan (July 29th)
Winnipeg, Manitoba (July 30)
Montreal, Quebec (August 18th)
Toronto, Ontario (August 14th)

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All workshops will run for 2-3 hours during the date specified; cost is $20-35 depending on venue/etc. Specific location/pricing info will be made available to everyone who contacts us. The email is:

Previous Ministry Workshops:
Berlin 2008, CLIPS
Vienna 2007
London 2006