The POICLOCK! Brought to you by Yuta, the epic poi spinner, poicommunity.com and other people of awesome whom I know not.

Check it out in HUGE format on this page: poicommunity.com/poiclock/

POICLOCK was inspired by UNIQLO’s uniqlock which is a sort of fashion show and contemporary dance clock.

It’s pretty sweet, if you embed the POICLOCK on your page (or the WORLD POI CLOCK when it arrives) you get the time and random awesome poi videos and it links back to Yuta’s site and you can view it on a map along with everyone else who has embedded the POICLOCK and then click chase poiclocks all over the world! Sweet.

Go Pro + Hula Hoop

This is awesome. Tricks? Techniques? Who cares, how weird is it to get a hula hoop point of view?


My entire world consists of this woman and she keeps rolling around inside of me. Weird. I definitely haven’t had any dreams like that. I feel like a hamster ball… Like I’m the hamster ball, and the woman is the hamster. But we’re not on a journey, we’re just standing there. Weird. Anyway.