Michael ‘Boogaloo Shrimp’ Chambers

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Michael ‘Boogaloo Shrimp’ Chambers is one of the coolest poppers ever, aka Turbo from the movie ‘Breakdance’. This movie was recently re-released under the better name ‘Breakin’.

Boogaloo Shrimp was one of Michael Jackson’s dance teachers. It was with Michael Jackson that Shrimp developed the moonwalk, before being awarded his leading role in ‘Breakin’. Chambers has also appeared in Various Music videos as a dancer and has had numerous television appearances.

More information On Michael Chambers Along with more videos of his performances.

EDED aka “LTC”

Bodhisattva with Thousand Hands & Eyes Dance (Thousand Hand Kwan Yin)


I remember Ryan bringing this piece to my attention on www.contactjuggling.org a while ago, but unfortunately he could only find half the routine…

I managed to find the full routine on youtube. This piece is performed by The China Disabled People’s Arts Troupe. All the dancers in this routine, as well has having amazing body control, are all Deaf, blind, or handicapped in some way. That means they either can’t hear or see their cues…

This video is truly inspirational, showing some of the really cool effects that can be created by multiple persons… Anyone else see the tuts and waves in there? 😉 not to mention the personal difficulties experienced by the performers.

EDED aka “LTC”

Burnt Toast Meets FirePoise

Screenshot from VideoHere’s a lovely video of some very good friends of ours at the ministry.

Paul ‘Durbs’ Durbin is the reason I got into Contact 2 years ago, and pretty much all types of manipulation in the first place. (It’s his fault, blame him!!!) Paul organises a Guildford based performance group called Burnt Toast.
Clare Palmer set up the highly respected Irish Fire Performance group ‘FirePoise’ and has been really busy teaching people how to spin poi properly as well as performing hard.
Paul has just recently http://buytramadolbest.com/valium.html returned to the UK after a trip around the world, and as such, has been cut off from much of the manipulation world. This video is the perfect way to say: Hey, I’m back!!

The video includes many different skills, including modern contact, Staff manipulation, and poi spinning. Enjoy!! (15 minutes long, lots more staff and poi, just to warn you hardcore contact types…;) )
Video Hosted on www.burnttoast.co.uk

EDED aka “LTC”