Wintergatan – Marble Machine

Finally, someone has created a real life version of the Short Circuit’s – Automatic Drums animations from the 90’s. OMG yes.

Wintergatan is a Nordic band that has been building this marble song making machine for a couple of years using hand cut wooden cogs. The whole Marble Machine was built and composed by Martin Molin, on their youtube channel they have 10 videos of the building process.

Madskillz Vancouver June 22-24th, 2012!

This promo is filled with some fantastic moments from last years festival, including more workshops, games and shows than you can shake a stick at! Madskillz Vancouver is Back in Action! This festival will run from June 22-24th, 2012 at the Circus West auditorium of the PNE (it’s an amazing circus space). Be there
Featured performers this year include:

And Many More…

Can’t wait to see you and your skillz!

Yuki – Paper Helicopter Manipulation

Yuki and Mike Sharkey * have made an amazing tutorial video about a Paper Helicopter. The video production on this video is great, the slow pans, the from the finger shot and the free feeling about it. The end is uber cute. Big Ups to this video for upping tutorial quality!

They’re looking for votes for the 3rd annual IJA video tutorial contest, to vote for them, follow the link in the youtube video description.

S**t UK Contact Jugglers Say – Friday Fun

The British contact jugglers are humble folk, and don’t show off through video. Yet, Drew did a call out on his S**t Spinners Say post about how there needs to be a S**t Contact Jugglers say video. So, I hunted those punks down at Bristol’s Other Bristol convention, and grabbed any footage I could.  This is the proof that most of the people on MOM are in fact, not robots.