Anna Haraszti – Writings on manipulation

Anna HarasztiThe Ministry’s Anna Haraszti discusses her process for creating her solo from ‘In Isolation.’ Her full essay can be read here:

“Playing is getting lost in a world that has no, or very little connection with everyday reality. Creating a world of its own it allows us to be in the moment and, every now and then, to dissolve or disappear in the process.

In my interpretation, contact juggling happens when the body is in harmony with the ball: when technique is not necessarily what defines the movement, but where the body finds its own ways to relate to the object, alters already acquired technique, or blends in with the smoothness of the ball’s flow in space.

Contact with other contact jugglers has been one of the most inspiring aspects of contact juggling for me over the years. in my experience sharing elements of technique, a range of possible approaches, viewpoints and, most of all playing time, is what can ultimately promote the continuous dynamic development of any art-form; meaning, that perhaps the future of contact juggling depends on the way people inspire, motivate, influence, or even critique one another. True enough, creativity needs to be given sufficient time and space to grow – however, we create our own opportunities, and through them our own realities as well.

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