5 thoughts on “Angie hula hooping on ‘The Slammer’”

  1. you know what? she’s got skills, but i really didnt like that act too much. It was cute, but…
    jazz hands
    you know?

    I would have rather watched that robot guy. sad but true

  2. i liked it, but it was not really my cuppa…. I found the “multi hoop” part at the end rather amusing 🙂

    And i still wonder what jazz hands are , and why they are called jazz hands….. 🙂

  3. Ha Ha Ha!!

    Ryan, you so funny.

    Jazz hands are where it’s at nowadays. Only the best performers can pull off good Jazz hands.

  4. Ryan, there are no jazz hands in that whole performance.
    Anyway, like Ed says Jazz hands are in. You’re weird, and obsessed by robots.
    Angie plus Popcorn. Rock on.

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