Aerial Dance – Ockham’s Razor: The Mill (& more)

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Well… aerial dance, physical theater…. whatever you will call it. It’s got big objects and they are manipulated in amazing ways and that’s why we at love them to bits. (well.. there are other reasons too… read below to find out)

More videos ( and a personal note from Ryan, Jea9, Drew, Ed and Colin) after the jump

Another teaser for “The Mill”, describing their process for creating work

And this is another production of their’s that is equally inspiring with a much simpler aerial apparatus: Arc

[EDIT-ryan (but Jea9, Ed, Colin, or Drew would say the same)

Ockham’s Razor is more than just another aerial Theatre company. During the days in 2005-2007 when the Ministry spent our time together rolling balls around in the Hangar (East London studio, pictured as the background on M.o.M), Ockhams Razor spent their days hanging above us, working tirelessly on developing work with innovative apparatus. We all consider them close friends and a profound inspiration; I lived with them for 3 years and couldn’t be happier to see them here on our blog (been bugging them to make videos for years 😉 ) Below are their two earliest pieces, Memento Mori and Every Action, which opened my eyes to the thematic and dramatic possibilities of aerial arts.

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