Addicted DVD – Free Download

The Addicted DVD (previously blogged here, with video clip) is now available online as a free download

New Mirror: Get it here!

Dan Yperman of rec.juggling writes:
Addicted is a Belgian/French juggling project by the people of Shake That, Pol & Freddy, Los Gandanos, Morgan Cosquer and many others.It contains clubs, balls, rings, coin manipulation, shaking and a bunch of silly stuff!

Well worth the download (385mb)

11 thoughts on “Addicted DVD – Free Download”

  1. I skimmed most of it. but stopped for the balls. If you like big balls see 44.44min for the legendary Thierry (who performed at CJC) doing impossible things with 3 RG balls. yea.

  2. Just finished watching it… its totally amazing.
    Morgan and Sander rock… and the Thierry section on the rooftop is insanely technical. Great stuff from everyone in the video; such a good vibe from the whole cast; good work
    (thanks again for releasing it free!)

  3. The guy who did all the balances with his green clubs is just amazing, I didn’t often see a technical precision like that!! Waaw!!!

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