Acrobatics, parkour, dance, movement and Roue Cyr.

I do love a giant post of really awesome acro videos. So here is one:

Alex Lane, doing epic Roue Cyr, new tricks, great movement. Looks like he went to the big Montreal circus school. Youtube Alex Lane

Rubberlegz keeps pushing what he’s up to, so I love him. Not convinced by drainpipe jeans but clearly he needs the clearance. Youtube Rubberlegz

Alliance Russian Parkour ‘Crew’ / ‘Team’. Looks a little bit like they are destroying their bodies, but they’re young, slightly crazy and doing huge tricks, doubles anywhere and everywhere. Youtube Alliance

Johan Bichot. Crazy cute and elegant acrobatics. Really different and really nice mood. Nice hat too. 😀 Youtube Johan

Peter Jasko – I found this video and was super awed by it. This guy is an amazing dancer, doing some super interesting stuff that I can’t describe very well. Watch it and see. Youtube PJ

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  1. Hahahaha I’m on the couch on the far left with my hands over my mouth in disbelief during almost the entire act! I couldn’t believe he was doing tricks like that in a circle that small. I thought for sure someone was going to get obliterated.

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