About manipulation

About Manipulation” is a project wanted, created and directed by Moon and Ministry of Manipulation. We’ve tought there a lot of videos with people playing, and so few videos with people talking about their experiences and ideas in contact juggling. So we’ve tried to show you what’s behind a contact juggler, and what he lives with this amazing art.

Ejc was the perfect moment to do this full length (19 mins.) movie; we are sorry because there were so much great contact jugglers we’ve missed at Ejc (Okotanpe, Richard Hartnell, Kyle Johnson..just some big names)..but as you probably know weather was terrible and time wasn’t so much. We’ve chosen some interesting, new and old, personalities in contact juggling world, and ask them what’s contact juggling, how’s changing and where is going. So, this is a gift for the contact juggling community and for the new wave of contact jugglers. Hope you’ll like it…Please feel free to share it wherever you want. Big thanks to Stefano Ricci and Federico Tasso for the patience and help.

And obviously..thank YOU for watching!

6 thoughts on “About manipulation”

  1. This is so great! Thank you for making this! (and spending almost all your time at EJC filming and arranging it!)

  2. I am a beginner in contact juggling (1 year and a half), and live in Paris, france. I had the huge chance to meet, okotanpe, Pilopip and Vincent. They love their art and are very available to spend some time to show stuff even to beginners . I would like especially to thank Vincent who showed me some moves one afternoon at Bercy in Paris France. Thank you guys… 🙂 Nice video.

  3. Apart from the absence of female jugglers interviewed, I really liked this one. The intimacy, the editing, everything!

  4. true, it’s a shame that there aren’t women talking about their experiences. Bea wasn’t “ready” to speak about her, and Jea9, LN or Zap (some very good female cjers) weren’t at EJC 🙁

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