A president, a gymnast and marriage rumours

From the Independent – last friday

A Russian tabloid has set the country abuzz with a report that Vladimir Putin is secretly preparing to marry a leggy 24-year-old gymnast, voted the most beautiful woman in Russia.

The little known paper Moskovsky Korrespondent reported a week ago that a reliable source had revealed that plans were underway for a wedding between Mr Putin and Alina Kabayeva, an Olympic gold medallist, which would take place on 15 June, a month after Mr Putin hands the Presidency to his successor, Dmitry Medvedev…

Ms Kabayeva, who was recently voted the most beautiful woman in the country by the readers of a Russian magazine, became a parliamentary deputy late last year after the pro-Putin United Russia party moved to include more young, attractive women in the Duma.

He might have a foreign policy more questionable even than that of Mr Bush, but…. Alina Kabayeva previously on MoM

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