I’ve been told recently that I haven’t abused my position as a blogger to blog my friends enough. So never one to ignore criticism, I have decided to blog my friend Liam:

YouTube Link

Doing some 3 balls and 3 clubs with contact and manipulation awesomeness you ain’t never seen before.

He’s an Edinburgh Juggler as well. Basically you should all come to Edinburgh cos it’s heaps awesome here.

5 thoughts on “3b/3c=MinusLeft”

  1. Wow thanks for the post… šŸ˜€
    If I’d known you’d blog it I would of spent longer on it!
    <3 MoM

  2. Incredible video. I don’t think anyone can approach that level of control combining toss and contact so fluidly. Edinburgh, here I come!
    -Dr. Sandypants, Ph.D.

  3. Well…I have to say that a number of my favourite moments at Bristol this year were spent watching Liam juggling> Utterly inspiring video…top banana..10/10

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