3 ball stack on head

Indian dragon ball

there must be more information on this guy… all I have is the name jyoti… and that’s not very much.

Good solid head stall, is nice and relaxed with it.

And the added bonus of I can’t see the trick behind his top of the head stack…

11 thoughts on “3 ball stack on head”

  1. I’ve seen it some days ago..and I’ve heard it’s a fake. I really don’t know..if it’s true, it’s VERY impressive 😀

    nice video however


  2. the only way i could see that happening is from tiny chips in each ball. That or he is a contact juggling demon

  3. Very impressive, (it is THEORETICALLY possible) but I am skeptical… I would love to hear about anyone with more information about him…

  4. a friend of mine said he had hitchhiked with a guy in france who was capable of balancing 3 balls on his head, though he didn’t know for sure wether it was real or not. I’ll ask him, wether he recognizes this guy ;).

  5. well, that he can do all sorts of tough yogi shit lends a margin of credibility to what has got to be a tricked stack! wouldn’t the weight of the top ball just push the middle right off balance!?!? regardless of whether there’s a gimmick or not, this guy’s my new hero…

  6. small rubber gromits/washers maybe? the quality’s not enough to see, but i reckon that he could be slipping them in. it still wouldn’t be easy… just easier.

  7. Even if it’s a fake there is definitly some amazing skills behind it. The last scene where he is walking on the beach with the ball on his head is beautiful!
    This video just miss some smile in my opinion :o)

  8. haha yeah that beach scene is classic. For the balance good job, however it’s done. I’m pretty sure people that are not CJs would simply be amazed as they know it’s hard but don’t know just HOW hard.

  9. tons of skill in the video, although i have seen people do ball stacks before with nothing more than a bit of dried grass or leaf between the spheres. just that little amount of friction makes it possible, but on an actual sphere it is really not possible. Ballancing a sphere on another sphere in a stationary position is like ballancin the tip of a pin on another. if he flattened one specific spot, maybe, but short of that, and being able to locate it reliably it just wouldnt happen. /me is sorry for being so skeptical.

  10. aaah you people do know he exists – I should have searched through your links first too. I know “Jyoti”, whose real name is Kristian Varé and who is not only a very gifted Yogi and contact juggler, but also a great musician and capoeira-dancer between others. So I suggest you get in touch with him if you really want to know if it’s possible 😉
    I know he can do it

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