2 contemporary Poppers that are starting to think about contact juggling

A lot of contact jugglers who start to really develop their work soon find that the progression towards dance training and understanding of movement and musicality will greatly benefit their juggling. And so many jugglers become dancers. The contact jugglers who turn into body-poppers… these are my favorite kind. 🙂

So I’m excited to see this happening the other way around; two of my favorite dancers are showing an interest in contact juggling. Long have I dreamt of a day where David Elsewhere busts out a contact juggling isolation routine… I still have to wait but these clips of Pacman (Phillip Chbeeb) and Moon tutting (with multiple prop manipulations including a sphere) and super-wavy-ninja Bishop busting out a contact juggling improv, will keep me happy.

Bishop (crummy quality… good stuff but hard to see)

I hope more dancers see something they like from the mess of good contact juggling videos out there and start incorporating some of these ideas into their own work.

Pacman and Moons Tutting Adventures (4 videos)
Bishop – Windstyle

10 thoughts on “2 contemporary Poppers that are starting to think about contact juggling”

  1. Great post Ryan thanks, I hear rumours are circulating that there may be an upcoming central european ‘object-manipulation meets dance’ festival next year, have you heard anything about this?

  2. I’ll have to gather a little more info on that one, something about a the possibility of a geodesic dome-tent somewhere 8m high ceilings and 40m across to be set up somewhere in central Europe to house this new venture. Do you think people would really be into it?

  3. mmmmm that sounds like a lovely idea Eimhin, exactly the direction that I want to be pushing myself.


  4. ….that’s great stuff…just a glimpse with the hat though…..mmmmmmm

    ..what are the dates of the Clon OMM?…that sounds mighty fascinating…

  5. Clon happens from the 25th through the 27th of September, and AragoRn is running the Berlin workshop just before from 15th to the 19th.
    Should all be lovely.

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