???????? – ????????

What is going on??? I love Japan. We’re watching a youtube video, of a TV program, of a youtube video….Someone should use their webcam to make a film about this!
Techno Robot Juggler
Japanese popping/contact
Tune in next week when the Ministry shows how you too, can have your own gaggle of over-excited cute-eared wee-lasses to appreciate your contact juggling….

5 thoughts on “???????? – ????????”

  1. While I’m here: We’ve had a few code update in the last week. Slightly smaller text and the addition of a new 5 star rating system.
    If the changes aren’t working for you (font too small, code broken etc) tell us, we’ll fix. Also please rate a few videos; good or bad, it helps us to shape the content. Smiles. Drew

  2. Nice to hear from you, Metra!

    I have many questions about the contact juggling community in Japan. Could you help us fill in some of the details? I have seen many videos of a japanese contact performer called ‘Jack’, and I think i may have confused him with you. Does Japan have many ‘famous’ contact jugglers?

  3. Hello, Ryan!
    ‘Jack’ is also me.
    But it’s my former name.
    So, please call me ‘Metra’.
    There are not many but amazing contact jugglers in Japan.
    For example Masaki Hirano, Yoshiyuki Fuse, and so on.

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