What is Manipulation?

Object Manipulation is doing things with stuff. It’s about movement, about making objects dance and dancing with objects. It is a blend of juggling, dance, mime & illusion.
Ryan street

Object Manipulation is part of Modern Juggling. If we use a loose definition of Manipulation, then all Juggling is a type of Object Manipulation, Alternatively if we take a loose definition of Juggling, then Manipulation is a type of Juggling.

Juggling has a emphasis on throwing and catching, objects flying through the air. Manipulation generally has more emphasis on rolling, holding and movement. Most manipulators are also jugglers, they are usually more interested in the creative, playful and dancing side of juggling, than the sport or numbers side of juggling.

All kinds of Manipulation are highly skilled sports/dances/games including: Ball Contact, Hoop Manipulation, Contact Staff, Club Manipulation, Multiball Contact, Body Rolling, Hula Hoop, Juggling, Poi swinging, Magic Manipulation, Contact juggling, Isolations, Illusions, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Chinlone and Hacky Sack.

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