How to start Multiball Contact

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Whether beginner or more experienced, for developing your Multiball skills, the new Ministry publication Multiball Contact is the dogs bollocks. Starting with 16 lessons of technique from complete beginner to expert. Then half a book full of inspirational moves from 3 to 11 balls. 18 months in production, it’s good.

Which balls to buy?

We recommend that you start by getting 4 balls. Acrylics are the best, but very expensive. For a beginner, we recommend wooden balls, and at 25 bucks for 4, thats a good start! Which size should you get? Have a look at Appendix 2 from Multiball Contact.

Why should you buy it?

Because it will save you hours days months of practice time.
Because its packed full of technique tips.
Because the first half is purely focused on teaching techniques and then the second half is an encyclopaedia of some of the greatest moves in Multiball Contact.

More info on the book Multiball Contact and
book FAQ.

If you want Inspiration for Multiball, look for online video – this site and its blog is a good place to start. The best DVD available today for juicy multiball eye-candy is undoubtedly InIsolation.